Artist's Statement

I studied Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester from 2002 to 2005. I specialised in Abstract Painting and Sculpture.

Taking the world around me as my source I photographed the everyday journeys that I made. I recorded them with straightforward shots of my surroundings but I also focused on interesting elements that I encountered, the way lights from shop windows fell on the pavement, bright carrier bags discarded in the road, car head lamps shining in the dark. I manipulated these images using Photoshop to enhance their unusual visual properties and used them to inform my hard-edged abstract work.

When simplified into basic colours most of the images still retained the key elements that drew me to take the photograph. The colours are amazing, some appear to be so unnatural and yet they were really there.

These 'unusual' juxtapositions of colour have remained an important part of my current work. Alongside my Abstract Painting I also create figurative and floral artworks in a variety of materials and styles. 

My figurative artworks are generated from photographs which I manipulate using Photoshop before then painting them in either a textured ‘Impressionist’ style or flat ‘Pop Art’ style. My floral works are a celebration of colour in nature. I create images of flowers using a variety of styles and materials. I focus on small sections of flowers and enlarge them to produce more striking abstract artworks.

I was introduced to glass fusing in 2008 after experimenting with other glass techniques but not achieving the effect I desired. It enabled me to work with colour in a new and exciting way. I developed my artwork into beautiful things that have a function around the home making owning an artwork affordable. Alongside the artistic bowls, coasters and jewellery I make a range of products using recycled jars and bottles.

I sell my work at craft fairs, through the website and through my Facebook page.